Mutharika hails DPP supporters for being non-violent


… Tells party members their goals will be his goals

President Peter Mutharika has praised Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members for being peaceful despite being attacked since Election Day.

Mutharika who is also leader of the DPP made the remarks during his second term inauguration ceremony in Blantyre on Friday.

DPP members at the inauguration ceremony

He said DPP members have responded with extreme restraint when provoked and attacked because they know violence for violence will only destroy this country.

“I know how painful it feels to remain calm while hate and violence attack you. I know how painful it feels to remain calm and watch while others call you names.

“But I also know how proud it feels to withstand temptations of evil and stand up to your principles. I know how good it feels to be victorious in the end,” he said.

The Malawi leader mentioned an incident where a DPP parliamentary candidate in Nsanje, Hellen Buluma, was beaten on Election Day.

He also cited the case of Pilirani Mzunga, a DPP member in Machinjiri who was assaulted “simply because she is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party.”

Former Cabinet Minister, Nicholas Dausi, was also attacked in Blantyre at Malawi Electoral Commission offices last week.

Mutharika said human rights defenders have not condemned the issues because the victims are DPP members.

“We have known of women being beaten, stripped naked and paraded to walk naked for their liberty of conscience. But this time, no gender activist, no human rights defender, no one speaks for their dignity and suffering because they are members of the DPP.

“Cars of innocent travellers have been burnt. Houses burnt. People chased from their own homes. And there are many innocent Malawians beaten, brutalized and victimized for their political beliefs. That is not the Malawi we want,” he said.

Mutharika was re-elected Malawi president after securing 38 percent of the 5.1 million votes cast in the May 21 elections.

In his speech on Friday, he thanked DPP members for giving him the decisive victory. He assured them that their needs and aspirations will always be his goals.

Mutharika said: “We are chosen to govern this country on trust. Let us remember to be humble, respectful and dedicated in serving the people.

“Let us always remember that we are in government to serve the people. And there are many Malawians who voted for us, not because they are DPP, but because they believe we can make a difference in their lives.”