Mutharika to deliver second inaugural speech


President Peter Mutharika is today expected to deliver his second term inaugural address following his re-election as Malawi leader.

The inauguration ceremony will take place at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre starting from 10am.

Mutharika: to deliver speech

Mutharika’s inauguration speech could provide hints on his agenda for the second term in which the president is expected to tackle challenges rocking the country including high unemployment especially among the youth, corruption and poor public service delivery.

During campaign, Mutharika promised to develop Malawi, one of the world’s least developed countries, to the level of Singapore after five years.

The Democratic Progressive Party leader was declared winner of the May 21 presidential elections on Monday and was sworn-in together with Vice President Everton Chimulirenji on Tuesday.

Mutharika won the disputed presidential election with 1, 940, 709 of the 5.1 million votes cast with opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera getting 35 percent of the votes.

Meanwhile, the government has been accused of lavish spending ahead of the inauguration ceremony with published reports showing that chiefs attending the ceremony have been booked in expensive hotels in the commercial city.


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    1. President prof . Arthur Peter Munthalika from Thyolo

    2.Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary at Office of the president from Phalombe.

    3. N. Saukira NFRA Chief Executive office r from Thyolo district.

    4.T. Malata Malawi Revenue Authority CEO from Thyolo district.

    5.R. Kamoto MERA Chief Executive officer from Chiradzulu district.

    6.General Supuni Phiri Army Commander MDF from Mulanje district.

    7.General C. Namangale deputy commander MDF from Thyolo district.

    8.A. Malata MUST vice chancellor married in Thyolo district.

    9. A. Sumbuleta MBC Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje district.

    10.R. Jose Malawi Police deputy Inspector general from Mulanje.

    11.E. Mwapasa Malawi Police deputy Inspector general Chiradzulu.

    12.Chinsinga Registration Bureau Principal Secretary from Thyolo.

    13.Peter Mukhito State House Chief of Staff from Chiradzulu district.

    14. C. Magalasi State house Executive assistant from Chiradzulu.

    15.M. Bamusi State house special assistant from Thyolo district.

    16.F. Mphepo State House political advisor from Mulanje district.

    17.T. Paul Phiri State House Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district.

    18.Elvis Thodi Office of the president Director General from Thyolo.

    19.Dr. Munlo Office of the president Principal Secretary from Thyolo/Chiradzul.

    20.George Mkondiwa Office of the president Ambassador from Phalombe.

    21.H. Chilabade Office of the president Reform Principal Secretary from Thyolo

    22.A. Juwayeyi Financial Intelligence Unit Director from Thyolo district.

    23.Charles Namondo OPC Ambassador to China from Thyolo district.

    24.E. Sawerengera OPC Ambassador to the U.N. from Thyolo district.

    25.Mrs.Aggrey Mussa OPC High Commissioner to Kenya from Chiradzulu.

    26.F. Nihoriya OPC Ambassador to USA from Thyolo district.

    27.J. Mwandidya Office of the president CSM from Phalombe district.

    28.Dr. Ntupanyama Office of the president Principal Secretary from Thyolo.

    29 .H. Sapala Disabilities Director from Thyolo district.

    30.Katopola Tourism Director from Thyolo district.

    31.Dalitso Kambabe Reserve Bank Governor from Thyolo district.

    32.G. Kabango Reserve Bank deputy governor from Mulanje district.

    33.T. Sitimawina EP&D principal secretary from Thyolo district.

    33.R. Magaleta Ministry of education principal secretary from Thyolo district.

    34.E.Maganga Ministry of Agriculture principal secretary from Thyolo district.

    35.Dr. M. Magwira Ministry of Health principal secretary from Thyolo district.

    36.Ben Botolo Treasury Principal Secretary from Mulanje district.

    37:. James Naphambo Chairperson Blantyre Water Board from Thyolo district.

    38. James Masumbu Chairperson of ADMARC from Mulanje district.

    39.Mr. Liabunya Chief Executive Officer EGENCO from Mulanje district.

    40.M. Chitimbe OPC principal secretary Transport from Mulanje district.

    41.George Saonda Public Events Director from Thyolo district.

    42.C. Chipungu Office of the president without portfolio from Thyolo district.

    43. B. Chisakamile Office of the president Coordinator from Thyolo district.

    44. J. Namkwenya Principal Secretary Office of the president from Thyolo.

    45. . Kaopa Medical Stores deputy head from Thyolo district.

    46.Perks Ligoya Chairperson ESCOM from Thyolo district.

    47.E. Hausi ADL director from Thyolo district.

    48.Chataika ADL Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district.

    49.C. Kumbemba MTIC Chief Executive Officer from Chiradzulu district.

    59.G. Gonani CRW Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district.

    51.Chikuni Lilongwe Water za Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje.

    52.J. Mathanga ESCOM deputy Chairman from Chiradzulu district.

    53.G. Hiwa Law commission Commissioner from Mulanje district.

    54.A. Maliro Gaming Board Chief Executive Officer from Chiradzulu district.

    55.Ms. Napolo Chief Executive Officer Malawi Housing from Thyolo district.

    56.Ms. Mangulenje Chief Executive Officer of MARDEF from Mulanje district
    57. Malata Roads Fund administration CEO from Thyolo (the alleged secret lover of Mr. Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary to the Office

    _*funso nkumati kodi ndani mwa awa ali waku Mangochi kapena kulilongwe, mzuzu,mzimba,zomba,kasungu,Dedza ,balaka, Machinga kodi ma boma enawa anthu ake ndiwosaphuzila? pandandanda umenewu*_?

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