Malawi election results lack credibility – PAC


The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has said that the results of the May 21 elections lack credibility.

This is according to PAC’s chairperson, Felix Chingota, who was speaking at a press briefing at Mount Soche Hotel in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Chingota said the issues witnessed during the polls have a semblance of the outcome of 2014 electoral process when results ignited violence in some parts of the country.

Chingota (R) the polls were not credible

The chairperson who congratulated President Peter Mutharika for emerging winner of the polls, bemoaned the use of Tipp-ex claiming this seriously affected the outcome of the results.

He continued to say that the committee was saddened that the Malawi Electoral Commission refused to meet them before results were announced to discuss challenges which rocked the whole electoral process.

The PAC chair then said considering the way MEC handled the results process, it could be difficult for faith based organisation to declare the results free fair and credible as there were a lot of irregularities.

“With the above administrative deficits, PAC is of the opinion that the results of these elections lack credibility.

“We however acknowledge those who have been declared winners at various levels and wish them every success. God Almighty will help us to figure out the truth so that justice prevails and that the future is guided for the betterment of those who suffer in silence,” said Chingota.

PAC further called for electoral reform claiming most of the challenges which have been encountered during this election are as a result of lacking electoral reforms.

During the briefing, Chingota condemned nepotistic, regionalistic and tribalistic acts which he said are being perpetrated by some Malawians which have been noted after the outcome of the elections.



  1. APAC ndimwe mcp
    Form political party
    Dpp won clean polls.

  2. PAC and all other interested parties need to do a thorough postmortem of the 2019 TPE, otherwise Malawi democracy will continue to be a farce. Victory should not belong to a party that believes in Tippex. Whether this investigation will take one year or even two years, does not matter. What matters is that from 2024 Malawian elections should also be credible…

    Why did MEC stop announcing results on two occasions and then became very anxious to announce the “final” results?? What really happened in that interim period? Who supplied the Tippex fluid which was readily available even in rural schools which can hardly afford a piece ao chalk?? So many questions have to be asked and answered

  3. Abusa nenani zowona apa akanakhala kuti Chakwera wawina chikanakhala credible kwainuyo a PAC chitani manyazi Mulungu simunthu. Zomwe munafuna inu a PAC sizomwe anthu ambiri akufuna. Paja mpingo wanu unayima pachulu mkumanena kuti nkhosa zathu zonse mukavotere Chakwera. Enawonso paja amati ife sititenga mbali koma kavotereni wathuyu woti tizidzadya naye limodzi. Lero amalawi akuziwa abusa adyera. Mufuna kunena kuti womwe avotera Peter sanavote bwino? Tippex pogwiritsa ntchito a mcp ndi utm anali kuti? Kodi mesa anali pomwepo mpaka kusainira za toppex zo? Musawapusitse anthu vomerezani kulephera kwanu apa.

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