Bushiri emerges from his hiding: I prophesied that Mutharika would win


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has dubiously claimed that he prophesied that President Peter Mutharika would beat Saulos Chilima and Lazarus Chakwera in the Malawi presidential  race.

The controversial prophet who is answering money laundering and fraud charges in South Africa shared a black-and-white video of the prophecy on his Facebook page.

According to the video, Bushiri made the prophecy on the 10th of March this year, 2 months before the elections.

The video that Major 1 as he is fondly called claims that Bushiri ‘prophesied’ that the elections would be unpleasant but that President Peter Mutharika would beat the other two contenders.

“I want you to pray together with me for peaceful elections because I am not seeing them peaceful [sic]. I am seeing people rushing in the streets. I am seeing protest, people saying: ‘we are not agreeing with the results’.

“People will say they are not agreeing with the results. So, people from the ruling side will be opposed. This is the ruling party that I am talking about. So we pray for peaceful elections that God should bring peace in my country”.

Despite not mentioning any particular winner among the three strong contenders, the video claims that Bushiri foresaw President Peter Mutharika’s victory.

“There is a flag that people are believing and are having hope. But when this flag will not make it, there will be problems in the country” says Bushiri before asking his congregation to join him in prayer for for Malawi.

Malawi24 could not independently verify the authenticity of the prophecy as Bushiri has previously been accused of doctoring footage of miracles and prophecies through Photoshop.

Prior to the results being declared, prophets such as Bushiri and T.B. Joshua were surprisingly mum on Malawian elections, preferring to maintain their silence.

For 2014 presidential elections, Bushiri’s prophecy that the candidate represented by the color orange (Joyce Banda) would win  failed to come to pass. He had shared the prophecy before the day of the elections.



  1. The journalism Who write this should be told or taught to fear God Almighty, who make things to happen and to come to pass.
    I will advise him/her to think about his generation before persuading man of God and Prophets for that matter reframe while you can you may not have fair chance to present your case… please and please don’t delay find something else to write and share about you are blessed to have Prophets in your generation.

  2. His prophecy about Banda did not come true, that is why he is revealing this video after the election. It’s a lie‼️

  3. Its time Conman Bushiri apologised to the world for his stupid enormous $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam.

  4. 100% true…i attended this service and we have been waiting for this prophecy to come to pass….lo and behold it has come to pass right in our own eyes….u can ask anyone who attended this service will agree…we prayed for both South Africa and Malawi elections

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