14 police officers forcibly transferred from Sanjika Palace


Fourteen police officers have been forcibly transferred from Sanjika Palace following President Peter Mutharika’s re-election.

A few hours after Mutharika was declared winner of the May 21 elections, the officers were sent packing from the presidential residence.

The police officer were told to move on short notice

According to the police officers, they were told to immediately leave the Palace and find accommodation anywhere within Blantyre.

Some found accommodation places such as Lunzu, Manyowe and Sigelege but some were dropped by lorries at abandoned buildings or semi-finished structures.

The officers were later told to write reports confirming that they were guilty of misconduct.

Reports show that the police officers were fired from Sanjika Palace for supporting Malawi Congress Party or UTM during the elections.

However, National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera dismissed claims that the officers were transferred due to their political affiliations.

“In police, we are told to work anywhere at short notice. This has nothing to do with politics. This is unusual,” said Kadadzera.





  1. I believe police spokesman is 199% lying to the nation. You don’t work for the nation you work for DPP as it is on control. People are getting killed daily by DPP and you have no say as police. MBC is boring only dpp this dpp that is that national tv or dpp tv?

  2. These policemen are the worst suffering public servants, puppets. Used and and disposed as tissues. The foolish thing is that they obey these cruel masters and oppress their own brothers.
    APM government worse than dictatorship. Police wake up these people are bad. Look at the houses you live when they are stealing money and building mansions.

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