Chilima calls for fresh polls

Vice President Saulos Chilima has called on Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to nullify the 21 May Tripartite Elections and hold fresh polls.

Chilima, who is also  UTM presidential candidate, made the call today at press conference in Lilongwe.

Chilima: there should be fresh polls

He said the credibility of the elections has been greatly compromised as serious irregularities that have been identified have not been satisfactorily dealt with.

Chilima noted that the law gives MEC the mandate to announce results after eight days from polling day.

According to Chilima, the announcement of results does not mean that the electoral commission must announce the winner.

He said MEC has three options which are to declare a nullification of the aggregated vote, a stalemate of the aggregated vote and announce a winner based on the aggregated vote.

“In view of the chaos that has ensued under the watch of the Electoral Commission, I am calling upon the Electoral Commission for the nullification of the aggregated vote under the Tripartite Elections of May 21,” he said.

Chilima added that Malawi should regroup and prepare for credible elections to the satisfaction of the people of Malawi.

Chilima said: “We should not allow fraudsters to continue holding this country to ransom”




  1. That’s true we have to vote again we need see other things am very disappointed with MEC people r suffering on rule area them the busy eating money for peter

    And some of u guy’s u a happy what peter did u will see after time go on chochi ife simzationa k malawi tizingokhala kokuno k SA

    Peter u a suck ????

  2. Manama kuzipopa.Simwanyanao a Saulos.Kuyendetsa dziko sizifuna chikwama

  3. ABISALOM ABISALOM ABISALOM How many times did i call you,did you know hw much will cost the country to make a fresh election,are you going to fund for fresh election i think you are mad you lose my friend just accept it and go on with your life kkkkkklkkk try again 2024 apa zakuvutanitu umayesa masewela adadi akuchepetsa ukali n’goooo

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