Violence against women worries 50-50 campaigners

Organisations behind equal representation between men and women in parliament have expressed worry over Violence against Women in Elections during this year’s tripartite polls.

Speaking to members of the press on Friday in Blantyre, a joint Domestic Gender Delegation Team said there was violence against women in some parts of Malawi.

Ndaferankhande: There was violence against women

Women’s rights theme manager for ActionAid Chikumbutso Ngosi Ndaferakhande said the team received 47 cases of gender based violence.

“As a gender movement, we are deeply concerned with the barbaric incidents of gender based violence that took the form of physical and verbal attacks on women as candidates,” said Ndaferakhande.

The team also disclosed that few violence against women in elections offenders were held to account, despite the availability of laws and multiple punitive mechanisms.

Campaigners have also noted the commercialization of politics that has now become a culture among politicians in Malawi.

Meanwhile, Malawi 50-50 campaigners have disclosed that they are yet to release a report concerning women aspirants working with the campaign during the elections.