Malawi hailed for peaceful electoral process


The Commonwealth group observing the polls has commended the country for ensuring a peaceful electoral process to date.

The chairperson of the Commonwealth Observer Group Thabo Mbeki made the remarks in Blantyre yesterday.

Mbeki: has hailed Malawi

He noted that the initial pace of tallying was slow but stressed the importance of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) being given the time and space to conclude its work.

Mbeki said the opening, voting, closing and counting processes at polling stations have been handled with professionalism and dedication so far.

He said: “It was noted that, for the 2019 elections, and for the first time in its electoral history, Malawi adopted a biometric voter registration process. In addition to collecting voters’ biographical data, their photographs were captured. The voter registration process was also tied to the government’s national civil registration process, through which citizens were provided with national ID cards. These innovations enhanced the integrity of the process.”

The Observer Group also praised MEC for making considerable efforts to implement recommendations made by observer missions following the previous elections in 2014.

However, it noted some inconsistencies in the application of procedures, particularly after the close of polls, for example the completion of the reconciliation forms.

The group also noted inconsistent interpretations of what constituted a null or void vote, though these were clearly set out in the polling procedures.

The Commonwealth Observer Group has been in Malawi since 15 May.  Members were deployed to all three regions of the country, where they observed the election environment and preparation of the polls.

Commonwealth support for Malawi’s electoral process also included the development of a toolkit to implement its Media Code of Conduct and a workshop to prepare women candidates for the election by providing training in leadership, conflict sensitivity and campaign skills.

The final report will be completed before the Group departs on 28 May, and made public at a later date.