TB Joshua is the world’s ‘most powerful minister’


An American personality has described Nigerian Pastor ‘T.B. Joshua’ as the ‘most powerful’ minister of God in the world.

Despite the fact that Joshua is still viewed with animosity and suspicion within the fold of much of Nigeria’s Christian leaders, the cleric continues to receive accolades and acclaim abroad.

TB Joshua

The world’s most powerful

“If you don’t know who T.B. Joshua is, you are missing out on the ministry of possibly the most powerful minister to this earth since the days of Jesus Christ,” wrote Leah Hanrahan, an American Christian, on Facebook.

Citing Jesus’ statement in John 14:12 that “greater works” awaited believers, Hanrahan, who lives in Michigan, asserted: “This is fulfilled here in TB Joshua’s ministry.”

The American’s sentiments are echoed in the turnout to the cleric’s foreign crusades, with national stadiums packed by excited locals at each destination he visits, primarily South America and Asia.

Most of Joshua’s weekly congregants are made up of foreigners whose pilgrimage to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) have made it the most visited destination for religious tourists in West Africa.

The popularity of Joshua’s videos online has resulted in Emmanuel TV becoming the world’s most viewed Christian television station on YouTube, with each video translated in multiple languages to reach his teeming followers overseas.

An Emmanuel TV event is scheduled to be held in the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield, UK on June 1st 2019, a 12,000-seater venue usually reserved only for musical or sporting events, further highlighting Joshua’s popularity abroad.

Indeed, if ever the Biblical adage ‘a prophet is without honour in his own nation’ applied to an individual, the SCOAN Founder may be the apt case-study.



  1. Indeed what God is doing, through this general really confirms His word. “If you believe you will see the glory of God. ” “nothing is impossible with those who believe “. May the Lord God continue to use His servant as we are also encouraged seeing how God can use a person in our time.

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