Izeki entertains from the grave


…Jacob gets annoyed

Death of John Nyanga in 2016 closed the chapter of hilarious  drama performances.

Nyanga who was popularly known as Izeki is one of the greatest comedians Malawi has ever had.

The comedian together with Eric Mabedi who is famously known as Jacob formed the duo character that made sad faces to have smiles after their performances.

Izeki died in 2016

Though death was cruel enough to snatch the thespian Izeki over two years ago, people still enjoy his clips which have been edited to suit the current trends happening in the society.

Among recorded scenes that have enjoyed massive sharing on the social media include “Ndiwe galu kwabasi” (You’re a dog).

This clip has been igniting memories of how Izeki was talented at the same time providing laughter with the editing done suiting the trending issues in our society.

However, his partner Jacob has expressed annoyance over the clips that have been going viral on social media platforms.

“I personally don’t like that and I feel bad when I watch such clips being shared. I wish that had stopped,” said Jacob in an interview with Malawi24.

He explained that the clips have depicted the levels of piracy in the country as people use the materials without seeking permission from the owners.

Mabedi expressed need for authorities to take quick measures in protecting intellectual materials in the country.