Gay flag at UK embassy irks Malawian pastor


Malawian pastor, Zacc Kawalala, has condemned the British Embassy for hoisting the gay flag at its embassy premises in Lilongwe.

Kawalala who leads Word Alive Ministries International says the United Kingdom is advancing cultural imperialism.

The gay flag at the British High Commission

On Saturday, the British High Commission in Lilongwe hoisted the rainbow flag in solidarity with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people.

A photo of the flag was then posted on the Embassy’s official page, UK in Malawi.

“UK Government believes in diversity and that everyone should be able to live a life free of discrimination and persecution,” the embassy said in the post.

In international relations, embassy premises and its diplomatic staff fall under the sovereignty of the ambassador’s home country.

However, Kawalala condemned the act saying Britain is not respecting Malawians sovereignty.

“The British Embassy bringing cultural imperialism at the doors of Malawi. A homosexual flag hoisted in Lilongwe. This has to be rejected. We are not going to be culturally colonised again,” Kawalala said.

Malawians commenting on the UK embassy’s page also condemned the embassy for raising the flag.

“Stop making a mockery we are not owned by the British… Do that in Europe we’re here in Africa with our values,” wrote one Malawian.

“Malawi with its values cannot accept LGBT. We don’t want LGBT in our beautiful country We only ask you to continue helping Malawi with reputable developments not with this issue. Realistically only less than 2percent are with you not ninety eight of my fellow Malawians,” said another.

Malawi prohibits homosexuality with those found engaging in same-sex sexual acts facing maximum sentence of 14 years in prison with hard labour.


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  1. Even if it is only 2% (and it’s not!), why should they not be shown support? Iassume the pastor wouldn’t be upset at some sort of Christian flag even though that’s only for a % of the community? Actually fuck it. I doubt there’s any point in arguing. So much for your Christian values. I hope it makes you feel Christ-like to be so judgemental. Yours, a non-gay supporter of anyone who just wants to live their lives in peace and without hurting anyone.

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