People with disabilities urged to vote in May 21 polls

Story by Erah Pinifolo – Mec Stringer

The National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE Trust) has appealed to people with disabilities to vote en masse during the May 21 tripartite elections.

In an interview, Kasungu NICE District Civic Education Officer, Gerald Chirwa, observed that most people with disabilities do not vote during elections despite registering.

Chirwa said people with disabilities feel left out during elections hence the call for them to vote in large numbers during the upcoming polls.

“We all have the same rights as Malawians. Therefore as NICE TRUST, we are asking those registered voters to go in large numbers to cast their vote during the polling day,” said Chirwa.

He said NICE has intensified Civic Voter Education in the district to woo more people including those with disabilities to cast their votes during the May 21 tripartite elections.

Jack Mwale, one of the people disabilities said they face lots of challenges to cast their votes.

Mwale stated that one thing that they lack most is civic education on how best they can cast their vote.

“Most of the time we feel left out as people with disabilities as there are no initiatives targeting us prior to elections.

“This initiative by NICE gives us hope that we are considered as eligible voters during polls,” added Mwale.

According to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), people with disabilities, the elderly, and people with albinism will be prioritised at the polling centres.