Bande dismisses fake letter about ill-health

Bande: It is childish propaganda

Aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City East constituency John Bande says a fake letter about his purported withdrawal from the elections on medical grounds is childish propaganda from one of his opponents.

Bande made the remarks Thursday after the fake letter circulated on social media claiming that the former cabinet minister had withdrawn from the parliamentary race due to ill-health.

The letter addressed to the Director of Elections at Malawi Electoral Commission said Bande had endorsed his friend Alex Chimwala in next week’s parliamentary elections for Blantyre City East.

“I would like to withdraw from contesting as an independent Member of Parliament in Blantyre City East with immediate effect due to my illness, am currently receiving treatment in India and unable to campaign due to my situation.

“With this I encourage people of Blantyre City East to vote wisely and I endorse my friend Alex Chimwala as a right candidate,” reads the letter which Malawi24 has seen purportedly signed by Bande.

But Bande has denied authoring the letter saying he is in perfect condition and will contest.

He also accused Chimwala of being behind the letter.

“I remember at some point telling a friend of mine months ago that I had gone for a medical check-up in South Africa. I think that friend told him [Chimwala], and the next thing I heard was Chimwala telling people I had withdrawn on medical grounds.”

Meanwhile, Bande says he is confident of winning the election in Blantyre City East since he is popular in the area because of the projects he completed during his previous term as parliamentarian.

“It is actually on invitation that I am contesting this time around,” said Bande.