MEC follows up on recruitment of polling staff


The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has applauded Neno and Mwanza district election coordinators for moving in fast to correct anomalies that were there during the recruitment of polling staff for the May 21 Tripartite elections.

Commissioner Linda Kunje who is also Chairperson of MEC’s Finance Committee made the commendation on Wednesday when she paid a surprise visit to Neno and Mwanza to make a follow up on the appeal from MEC CEO that district election coordinators should revisit polling staff list in their areas and correct all situations where recruitment instruction were not followed.

Commissioner Linda Kunje in Neno

Kunje said she was happy that in Neno and Mwanza, district election coordinators have moved in fast correcting the irregularities that were there and in Neno the final list of the recommended polling staff is expected to be out on Wednesday 15 May evening.

“I am happy that they are aware of exactly what is required and they have received it with the same understanding that we have. They have realized the importance of getting the right people for the job. They have not finalized it but by the end of today will have the final list of recommended polling staff,” said Kunje.

MEC chief Elections Officer Sammy Alfandika advised all District Elections Coordinators to revisit their polling staff list following reports that in other districts guidelines on the recruitment drive was not followed.

MEC recruitment guidelines for the polling staff states that all presiding officers should be head-teachers of those Primary Schools that are Polling stations and Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs) should be Deputy Head-teachers of those schools.

The guideline further says if there are more streams calling for more than one APO, the rest of the APOs should be identified from among the teachers within the same school in order of seniority and the rest of the polling staff should also be from the same school.




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  1. Surely this article is incomplete? Why are we not being told the reasons that the district election coordinators gave for flouting the MEC guidleines on recruitment, and appointing the wrong kind of people? Were they trying to rig the elections in their districts?

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