Sanga says DPP will continue developing North

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regional governor for the North Kenneth Sanga has told people in Mzuzu that the ruling DPP will continue developing the Northern Region.

He made the remarks when he addressed a rally in Mzuzu on Monday in a bid to woo voters as the campaign period winds up.

Sanga: DPP Regional Governor for the North

In his speech, Sanga appreciated the people’s support and addressed the concerns that were raised.

He then donated hospital benches valued at two hundred thousand kwacha to Zolozolo Dispensary.

In addition, he assured that the Zolozolo primary school ground will be fixed in a few days as he will provide a Grader.

“As a governing candidate I will provide a grader to grade the Zolozolo ground. I brought you these benches so that it helps our sick people at the dispensary while waiting to receive medication.

“It is only DP that has delivered and will continue developing the North,” he said.

Sanga also donated bicycles to headteacher of a primary school and block leaders to ease transportation. He further informed the gathering of the road projects that are in the offing e .g Dunduzu bypass road.

Eleven candidates are competing for the Parliamentary seat in Mzuzu city constituency.