Chilima tells MACRA bosses to quit or get fired

UTM presidential candidate Saulos Chilima has told top bosses at Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to resign or get fired if he wins the presidential elections next week.

Chilima who is also Malawi vice president made the remarks on Tuesday during a rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre.

He warned MACRA and other parastatals which give money to ruling parties that they have seven days remaining because UTM does not want to benefi from the public funds.

Chilima and wife Mary arriving at Njamba

Chilima singled out MACRA saying the authority is notorious for abusing public funds as it produces billboards and diaries for the ruling party.

Chilima also accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of pressurising chief executive officers of parastatals to give the party K10 million each for campaign.

He added that the DPP government is seeking re-election in order to continue siphoning public funds.

“They are doing everything to stay in power because they are not content with the taxpayers’ money they have stolen so far.  They now want the parastatal CEOs to start stealing public funds in order to give them money. Parastatal bosses are under pressure to give money to the DPP,” Chilima said.

He also revealed that government is planning to give vehicles as bribes to chiefs who are currently refusing to campaign for the ruling party.

According to Chilima, State House has already bought new cars to replace the ones that will be given to the chiefs.

Chilima then urged Malawians to vote for him saying he will stamp out corruption which he said is rampant under the DPP administration.

“Poverty is everywhere in Malawi which is evidence that politics of nepotism is not helping the country. Let us put in power people who can develop the country and end corruption. Give us power and we will transform Malawi,” Chilima said.



  1. Sir whatever you call yourselves, you promised alot and you threaten lots and you have done nothing past 5years together with those power hungry notoriously behaved around you. Please stop this shit of yours and mind actual business. Remember if u can not fail others fail. Stop stop stop stupid politics and propaganda



  3. A Chilima nzeru mulinazo zoyendetsera Kampani zogulitsa mayunitsi basi,Kuyendetsa dziko mwachepa nazo zizifuna anthu aphuma ngati mmene mukuchitiramu.Komanso mukuoneka kuti muli ndi moyo wachikaidi,kapena akaida.

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