We will transform national secondary schools into colleges – Chisi


Umodzi party presidential candidate, Professor John Chisi has promised to transform secondary schools across the country into colleges as one way of addressing quota system in the country.

Speaking during a rally he held in Chitipa district on Monday, Chisi said this will even give a chance to those who may not meet public university requirements to attain various skills in these colleges.

Chisi: wants to end quota system

Chisi also highlighted that he will construct secondary schools at every primary school for easy mobility of students from their homes to school.

“I stood a chance to attain tertiary education at Chancellor College despite scooping 22 points which cannot happen today. It is hard for someone with 14 points to be selected to public Universities. It is for this reason that all national secondary schools will be changed to colleges to a cater this challenge,” revealed Chisi.
Chisi then urged people to cast their ballot come 21st May 2019 to only two presidential candidates – Chisi himself and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera – saying the rest of Political parties were born from UDF and they cannot change this country for the better.

Among others, Chsi also promised to bring three factories per district that will be processing farmers produce that will also aim at creating job opportunities to people.

In a separate telephone interview, University of Livingstonia based Political analyst George Phiri said politicians can speak anything just for the sake of political will and people must be very careful with these politicians since fulfilling all what they promise on the ground is not all that easy.

“Transforming secondary schools might be easy but how will those colleges achieve high and desired quality education at college level? We are looking at resource provision which is infrastructure and other basic learning materials.”

“We have free primary school education but we don’t have enough infrastructures as well as human resource. So I don’t see how those colleges will maintain high quality education at college level,” Phiri said.