UDF will continue from where we stopped in 2004 – Atupele


United Democratic Front (UDF) Presidential hopeful in the May 21 tripartite elections Atupele Muluzi, Saturday afternoon stormed Karonga district where he promised to continue from where his father former President Bakili Muluzi stopped.

Muluzi held a rally at Baka school ground in the district with his new beginning slogan in an effort to canvass for votes as the elections clock is fast ticking.

Atupele (R) and his running mate Mwenifumbo

Accompanied by his running mate Frank Mwenifumbo of AFORD, Muluzi told the gathering that once he wins the forthcoming elections, his first priority will be to revamp businesses in Karonga as its geographical position is good for it to be the hub of business that in turn can spur the economic growth of the country.

Muluzi said his government will form an inclusive administration that will make sure that the national cake is shared equally and equitably for all Malawians to benefit, saying he has already demonstrated that by picking one of the most hard working and experienced politician Frank Mwenifumbo from AFORD as his running mate.

“Our focus if you vote for us on May 21 will be to continue from where UDF stopped in 2004. For starters, let me remind you that it is UDF that brought cellphones, free primary school education, TV station and more radio stations. Therefore, the UDF led government will bring in more innovations that will also bring job opportunities to the youths.

“If the northern region registered meaningful developments then it was during the UDF era, you talk of Mzuzu High Court, Mzuzu University and Mzuzu central hospital. The Atupele and Mwenifumbo partnership will rescue Malawians from the jaws and pangs of poverty through job creation and business opportunities, Muluzi said.

Muluzi noted that many businesses in Karonga have gone down due to lack of capital this is why he has already secured about K170 million for youths and women for small scale businesses so that people should have money in their pockets.

Taking his turn, the UDF running mate Frank Mwenifumbo said the decision to pick him as Muluzis second in command was arrived at as an indication that there is power in unity as the partnership is capable of revamping the dead economy, saying right now money is with the selected elite while the poor are getting poorer by every passing day.

Mwenifumbo said once UDF is voted into power, the government will implement deliberate policies that will be favorable to the countrys ordinary citizens, citing the increase of tax band bracket that will be raised to K150, 000 and minimum wage bill will be upped to K70, 000.

If you really want a new beginning then vote for UDF. This is the only party which has incorporated a running from the northern region, together we will end the famous quota system and introduce free university education as it is only a well-educated person that can develop the country, Mwenifumbo said.

Mwenifumbo further faulted politicians who propagated the idea of ‘self boarding’ in the public universities, calling it unfortunate situation as those people behind the move were lodging and eating in the universities’ campus.

He said when people vote for UDF, the system will be reverted so as to give university students ample time to concentrate on school work.


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  1. You stopped in 2004 or 2005? And you want to continue from there 15 years later? I need some brains!

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