Is Mutharika sick: APM’s ‘alleged illness’ takes over social media


Speculation that President Peter Mutharika is sick has taken over social media.

Mutharika – who is ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate in the May elections – was expected to conduct a whistle-stop tour on Sunday.

But the rallies were cancelled with the Office of the President and Cabinet saying the president wanted to attend to other “urgent matters.”

The cancellation raised speculation that Mutharika was sick.

Malawians on social media argued that campaign had taken its toll on Mutharika, 78, who was in the North last week hence needed to rest.

Mutharika: There is speculation about his health

Some Malawians argued that the health of the president has serious legal and constitutional implications and government should have come out clearly to end the speculation.

There were also posts on social media demanding Mutharika to speak to Malawians through public broadcaster, MBC.

Meanwhile, the Office of the President and Cabinet has confirmed that Mutharika will be back on the campaign trail on Tuesday.

The Malawi leader will hold rallies in Salima and Dedza districts tomorrow.

A statement released today signed by Chief Secretary to the government Lloyd Muhara says the Malawi leader will visit Salima Boma, Katerera Trading Centre, Ngodzi Trading Centre, and Mtakataka Trading Centre.

The whistle stop tour will start from one O’clock in the afternoon.

In 2016, Mutharika ‘disappeared’ for several weeks. While government remained mum on the matter, Mutharika disclosed that nyamakazi (arthritis) was the cause for his missing in action.



  1. Why malawians people they think that peter wamutharika he is sick?does he address the media about his heath?

  2. Why malawians people they think that peter wamutharika he is sick?

  3. All the people who were talking sh**ty that APM is sick, fu**ck them. Adad is going to win this 21st may 2019 election. If you feel pain, go and mop lake malawi.UTM LEADER always talks with anger and boostful like he already win the election. What kind of leader is this one? Do you think that if he can win and be President of Malawi, he can develop Malawi?bu**sh it.DPP WOYEEEE!

  4. Musiyeni president wanga mulungu alinaye cholinga.tawadziwa ma plan Anu mukufuna kupanga za 2012,but God is watching.

  5. Signature of Secretary of the government Lloyd Muhara is totally different on his letter of May 13th if you compare the signature of May 12th, 7th, 3rd.


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