Ballot papers arrive in Malawi


Ballot papers for this month’s tripartite elections have arrived in the country today.

Ballot papers have arrived

The papers arrived through Kamuzu International Airport with eight days before the elections.

Speaking with reporters, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah said the ballot papers which have arrived are for local government elections and some are for the parliamentary polls.

She added that the remaining ballot papers for parliamentary polls and all ballot papers for presidential elections will arrive tomorrow.

“They are landing separately because there are so many. These ballot papers will be kept safely at the warehouse and let me assure Malawians that this place is very secure as our security agents from Malawi Defence Force (MDF) will always be there ensuring that there this tight security  ” she explained.

The MEC chairperson commended political party representatives for coming to witness the process as the papers were being moved from the aircraft to the warehouse.

In his remarks, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Elections Ben Phiri said the arrival of the ballot papers shows that the time they have been waiting as a party is drawing closer.

Phiri therefore encouraged the party’s followers to go in large numbers to vote.

Representatives of UTM, United Democratic Front (UDF) Malawi Congress Party (MCP) were also present to welcome the ballot papers.