Timothy Mtambo in Chakwera armpits


…frustrating Mutharika on behalf of MCP

Activist Timothy Mtambo is working with  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera to frustrate the Peter Mutharika administration,  a leaked audio clip of a conversation between Mtambo and Chakwera has revealed.

Mtambo leads the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and is one of the human rights activists who organise anti-government protests.

Timothy Mtambo
Mtambo: supporting Chakwera

In the clip recorded during a meeting between the two, Mtambo said Chakwera is president in waiting saying the MCP has the most stable leadership which makes him proud.

In response, Chakwera acknowledged that Mtambo has always had a strong faith which he appreciates.

Mtambo then promised Chakwera that the activists will do their part to ensure that the MCP win the May 21 elections with the aim of removing Mutharika from power.

According to Mtambo, the strategy was to use demonstrations which were scheduled to take place on March 27th to disrupt the DPP government.

He said the DPP has not changed after previous protests so the March 27 demos were aimed at making a statement and tainting the ruling party’s image.

“Our objective is to ensure that we reduce them to nothing.  Our expectation is that we need to do a good mobilisation the more people we have, the message will go across the country.

“We decided to choose this date (because) it is campaign period. We want to make them busy. All we need from the political leadership, just the people,” Mtambo said.

On his part, Chakwera promised to assist Mtambo in mobilising people.

The demonstrations which the two were talking about were called off due to floods that killed over 50 people and left thousands homeless.

In the elections, Chakwera faces strong competition from Mutharika who is seeking a second term.

Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has always claimed that the demonstrations which Mtambo and other activists organise are sponsored by opposition parties with the aim of disrupting government.





  1. Mtambo ndiwombwambwana zawakanikatu mademo apanga 21 kuyambira 2014 palibe chimene aphulapo. Kugwetsa boma simasewera. Wamva iwe Mtambo ndi Chakwera!!!!

  2. The idiot has an army, police, MRA, immigration, prison services, NIB, CID and ntaba. He is still worried about Mtambo and MCP.!¿?¿? He is not fit to be my leader.

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