Scorpion marries traditional beat in urban outfit


Budding artist Scorpion has done the unusual in as far as Malawi music is concerned having produced a traditional song the urban way.

The Lilongwe based musician has manifested Malawi’s rich culture in his new song entitled Mtima. The product came out last week.

Scorpion: I used to sing Catholic songs

The track talks about people who live fake luxury lives in order to score marks from the public. It connotatively advises people to live their lives as they strive to upgrade to high standards.

The song was produced by renowned producer AK. The delivery is typical traditional while the instrumentation includes contemporary urban music elements. According to the Scorpion, his music is shaped by his background in the art.

“I used to sing Catholic songs in a band from 2005 to 2013. By then, my specialty was the bass guitar. So I can say my type music draws inspiration from that background,” he said.

Born Chikumbutso Kolosa, the 24 year old believes one can produce traditional music in an urban setting. He cites South Africa and Nigeria as countries which set good example in that area.

Meanwhile, the singer is recording an album which will be fully packed with songs of that nature. He foresees his music future as bright.