Judge Ntaba leaves Masambuka murder case


High Court Judge Zione Ntaba who is niece to presidential adviser Hetherwick Ntaba has stepped down from the MacDonald Masambuka murder case.

Ntaba has cited appearance of her uncle’s name in some documents as the reason.

Ntaba: Has recused herself

This comes a day after a suspect named politicians to be behind the murder of Masambuka, a person with albinism killed last year in Machinga.

Ntaba said she cannot preside over a case in which the conduct of her close relative is a serious issue.

“This court believes in the integrity of the Malawian justice system as well as the independence, impartiality and integrity of judicial officers such as myself.

“It is evident that the defence desires to lead evidence concerning my uncle and therefore it is not my wish to stand in the defence’s way.

“Further, judicial ethics state that I should not preside over a case where the conduct of a close relative such as my uncle is a significant issue. Therefore, I hereby recuse myself from continuing to try this matter,”Ntaba said in a statement.

She then apologised to the Masambuka family for her decision saying she hopes they will find justice in another court.

Yesterday, a suspect Alfred Yohane told the court that himself, Father Thomas Muhosha and a medical officer Kondwani Kamanga killed Masambuka after being hired by government officials.



  1. I’m Malawian ndili odandaula ndithu kuti kwathu muchitidwe ophana suzatha ayi munthu akakhala olemera ngakhale boma limamuwopa tsoka kwa otsauka awa kulirira anzangawa akuluza moyo wawo ifeyo tiwona ndithu ??????????????

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