Top govt officials behind murder of person with albinism

A suspect in the murder of a person with albinism has told a court in Zomba that he and his accomplices were hired by top government officials to kill the victim.

The suspect revealed this at the Zomba High Court on Thursday during trial for people suspected of being involved in the murder of the person with albinism, Macdonald Masambuka.

Some of the suspects in the case

One of the suspects Alfred Yohane said himself, Father Thomas Muhosha and a medical officer Kondwani Kamanga killed Masambuka after being hired by government officials.

Alfred Yohane, the suspect in the killing of Masambuka, a man with albinism in Machinga last year, named the officials at the Zomba High Court.

Judge Zione Ntaba told Yohane to stop mentioning the names of the government officials but he deified the order saying he will not change his statement even if he is beheaded.

The judge then adjourned the case to Friday May 10, 2019.  Meanwhile, the court has gagged the media from publishing or revealing names of the government officials.

Masambuka, 22, was killed in March last year and some of his bones were recovered days after he was buried.


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