CCJP urges Malawians to vote for a game changer


The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), a grouping of eight Catholic Dioceses in Malawi, has stressed that Malawians should desist from voting along tribal lines and  should choose a leader who can register   economic and social transformation after the May 21 Tripartite Elections.

According to ECM’s analysis, Malawi is in times that demand sustained positive anger among the electorate and a change from traditional voting patterns to voting that is focused on choosing a God-fearing leader who can be entrusted to transform the country from being the third poorest country in the world to a developing Nation.

Left is Father Katumbi and right is Msimuko

Speaking during a Media Stakeholder’s Meeting held at Mpatso Motel in Mzuzu on Tuesday, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Coordinator Arnold Msimuko called on the media to take a role in ensuring that the public is sensitized to make a wise voting choice during the Tripartite Elections.

Msimuko explained that this is the appropriate time for Malawi to unite and vote against corrupt leaders and choose who among the three presidential candidates; Professor Peter Mutharika, Dr Saulos Chilima and Dr Lazarus Chakwera, is Malawi’s game changer.

“It is our responsibility therefore to collectively stand up and hold our duty bearers accountable. Curbing corruption which is robbing our development is our collective responsibility and time for action is now. We should stop clapping hands for leaders who are abusing our limited resources for their personal enrichment.

“Voting wisely is our obligation. We need to vote wisely because Malawi needs a game changer.  As we go to vote, let’s not vote for candidates who comes from our Area or those who comes from our Party. Let’s look at the need of the Nation.  We should seriously reflect as to whom amongst our crop would be the leader to liberate our Mother Malawi,” Msimuko said.

Without endorsing a particular candidate, Msimuko said that Malawians need to have a mindset change to adopt a more aggressive approach to be able to avoid voting for corrupt leaders. He further called on all registered voters to ensure that they cast their vote to choose transformational leaders.

And echoing Msimuko’s remarks, Diocesan Secretary Father Amos Katumbi further urged Malawians to vote for a president who is “God-fearing” and respects human values and faith values.

According to some political commentators, factors such as the choice of running mates and new entrants in  the  May 21 Tripartite Elections are expected cause a shift   in  the traditional  regional voting  trends  across Malawi.  However, Malawi’s choice of leaders will only be decided by voting in the May 21 Tripartite Elections.