Mwenifumbo intensifies campaign to retain parliamentary seat


United Democratic Front (UDF) running mate Frank Mwenifumbo has intensified campaign in a bid to retain the Karonga Central parliamentary seat.

Mwenifumbo is urging voters in the constituency to vote for him saying he will add to the development projects implemented over the past years.

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During his tenure, Mwenifumbo completed different projects which include construction of ADMARC warehouse, donation of solar panels for Irrigation, health centers, good road network, electricity and school blocks.

Katili, a village in the constituency, got a health center while power provision project is underway to the area.

Meanwhile, Mwenifumbo has assured Karonga Central residents that they have seen nothing yet and should give him another chance to uncover the best.

“It is always my wish that lives of people in Malawi get transformed.

“I always cry when I look at my fellow parliamentarians abusing funds intended to benefit ordinary person. I Mwenifumbo will not do such a mistake in life,” Mwenifumbo narrated.

One of the people in the constituency Milliam Tchunda said Mwenifumbo has achieved all this following his accountability in handling funds supplied by government aimed at planting developments in the area.

Tchunda further said Mwenifumbo has in some circumstances used his money only to complement to the intended projects to benefit people in the constituency.

“To speak without fear and favour, I consider Karonga central constituency lucky since honorable Mwenifumbo took the seat, he has transformed this constituency beyond recognition.

“In the past people from this constituency could travel kilometers to Karonga district hospital just to seek medical attention but Mwenifumbo has managed to turn the table. The other exciting side of him is that he scarifies himself,” Tchunda explained.