PACT College wins EU debate

PACT College has won a debate which European Union (EU) organised with the aim of encouraging accounting students to discuss the economy and their role in upholding professional standards.

The debate held on Friday in Lilongwe was organised in collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Pact College receiving a cheque

Students debated on whether tax stimulates the economy or not.

The aim was to encourage accounting students to discuss the role they play in upholding professional standards when they will move into their respective industries and in promoting accountability and transparency.

Speaking with reporters, European Union Head of Cooperation Lluis Navarro said accountants play a key role in countering corruption and increasing transparency.

“It was very exciting students across the Malawi together to see how they are trying to research issues deals with economy. We are impressed on how they showed their capacity which shows that the students know that tax can increase investments,” he said.

In his remarks, ICAM President Bwighane Joel Mwenelupembe said the debate showed that the students understand the economy of this country which can assist the economy to become vibrant.

He added that they are impressed with the students looking at the facts and tactics presented within the debate.

After the debate, the European Union gave PACT College a cheque of K700,000 for emerging winner of the debate and K300,000 to Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA) which emerged second.

In his remarks, PACT student Frank Jona thanked God for the prize saying it will assist him to buy learning materials such as books.

Colleges which participated in the debate included technical colleges and Malawi College of Accountancy Mzuzu, Blantyre, Zomba and Lilongwe campuses.