Extraordinary: T.B. Joshua wrestled and defeated the devil before being born

…T.B. Joshua narrates how he chose his name

Prophet T.B. Joshua has revealed details of how he wrestled with the devil while in his mother’s womb. The spiritual warfare, narrates T.B. Joshua, lasted close to 6 month after his mother had began labour at nine month.

“I stayed in my mother womb for 15 months. At 9 month, my mother was moving from one medical center to another because she was in labour”

“She was carried to a place called Egbe Medical Centre which, at that time,  was one of the best hospitals in Nigeria” narrates T.B. Joshua who was finally born on 12 June at the hospital.

According to scientists, a child is usually born after 38 weeks, which translates to about 9 months. But this was not the case with Prophet T.B. Joshua whose birth in 1963 is said to have been prophesied almost 100 years prior.

The prophecy, it is claimed, said that a young man would emerge from the poor Oosin quarters and that God would use him mightily. He was born in Arigidi, a town in Akoko North-West in Nigeria’s Ondo State.

But as is always the case, narrates T.B. Joshua, Lucifer did not concede his defeat and made another attempt on the newly born baby.

Seven day after his birth in 1963, T.B. Joshua claims that the devil sent missiles of rocks from a quarry explosion near his parent’s house to end his life. The assassination plot, he says, ended with his mother fainting and is the reason he settled the name  Temitope.

“When I was about to be named on the seventh day, a magnitude of guests turned up for the ceremony. They wanted to see the baby who had spent 15 months in his mother’s womb.

“It is common in our village that rocks must be blasted to get water because there is so much rocks. Just opposite the house where I was to be named, there was a company that blasting rocks for water.

“Suddenly, a very big stone flew from that direction straight to the house where I was to be named. It landed on the exact spot where I was lying. What happened?

“No one knows how Baby Joshua moved from the spot to the other side of the room” he narrates his witness.

“And what happened to my mother? She fainted, went into a coma and was carried to the hospital.

“Out of sheer wonder and surprise, the guests who had come to see the baby started voicing out different names and I chose Temitope out of those names.

Prophet T.B. Joshua started his ministry with eight members which he named The Synagogue, Church of All Nations’ (SCOAN).

Prophet T.B. Joshua is arguably Africa’s most popular and humble prophet commanding millions of followers globally in the pool of other renowned prophets such as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Uebert Angel, David Oyedepo, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, Alph Lakau, and Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng.



  1. My comment is the almighty God no the popose that kept prophte T.B joshua life from 15 months we out dead. T B joshua prophet of God a true prophet of God

  2. My comment is may almighty God forgive me sin i comment in the work of God

  3. God kept Prophet TB Joshua for a special assignment. The evidence is what you see today. I am one of reasons .
    God bless him forevermore, Amen.

  4. I love t.b Joshua one day will visit scoan in Nigeria and meet him face to face

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