Chiefs proposed to campaign for Mutharika

Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu

A memorandum by Senior Chief Lukwa addressed to President Arthur Peter Mutharika has revealed that chiefs proposed to campaign for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate in the May elections.

In the memorandum dated 28th February, 2019 with reference number SC/ 01/19, Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu wrote a proposal to visit all the jurisdictions of chiefs in the Central Region plus their Group Village headmen to convince them to campaign for Mutharika.

Lukwa’s memo to Mutharika

Senior Chief Lukwa said that at each meeting of assembling the traditional chiefs, a budget of K200,000 be used to cater for soft drinks and transport refund for the invited traditional leaders.

Ten chiefs – Lukwa (chairman of the grouping), Makwangwala, Tsabango, Njolomole, Mwansambo, Khombedza, Dambe, Chauma, Jowore and M’bwatalika – were considered to carry out the task basing on their unfolding loyalty to the DPP government.

“I have the honour to propose to Your Excellency Sir, that with your indulgence, the listed chiefs should visit all jurisdictions of chiefs in the Central Region plus their Group Village headmen to campaign for your Excellency’s second tenure of office.

“Before I approach the mentioned chiefs with this idea, I decided to ask Your Excellency’s approval,” Lukwa said in his letter to Mutharika.

Senior Chief Lukwa who is also the coordinator of Chewa Heritage Foundation claimed that there is peace, tranquility and developmental projects prevailing in the country hence there’s need for Mutharika to lead the country beyond 2019.

It was not immediately clear if Mutharika approved the proposal but recent media reports show that Lukwa and other chiefs have been campaigning for Mutharika and other DPP candidates in the 2019 elections.

The Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act bars chiefs from campaigning for or endorsing candidates.

The memorandum has since received condemnation from the Bwalo La Achewa Foundation ( BOLA _ CEFO).

Executive Director of Bwalo La Achewa Foundation, Reverend Flywell Somanje, said the chiefs want to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor Chewa chiefs in the Central Region.

Somanje has since warned Chewa traditional chiefs in the Central Region not to influence their fellows and their subjects.



  1. Osalimbana nawo agogo Lukwa. Za umfumu adasiya kale m’manja mwa ine. umfumu ndikuyenetsa ndine. Onse ofuna kudziwa zambiri andi imbire pa 0999618233

  2. Alukwa mwapyola nkwala obwana. Mafumu sotenga mbali ayi. Fumu imakhala nonthuosiyanasiyana mmudzi. Anthu osiyanasiyana amasapotanso zipani zosiyanasiyana. Amakhalanso amipingo yosiyanasiya. Koma uwu muchitainuwu sufumu ayi koma ndale. Tsano ngati mufuna ndale ufumu mtulepasi akulu.! Natha ine munthu wammudzi.

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