Aspirant vow to improve access to health care delivery


Parliamentary candidates in Karonga have vowed to take authorities to task on matters of health care delivery in the district when voted into power after the 21st of May.

Aspirants have promised to improve health delivery in Karonga

The shadow lawmakers said this on Friday at a debate organized by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) in partnership with Oxfam.

Among others, the aspirants were quizzed on how they will improve the standards of quality health care delivery for its people when elected as parliamentarians.

Speaking in an interview following the debate, Daniel Chitonya Mwanyongo who is an aspirant for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Karonga northwest constituency said the debate was an eye opener considering the importance of access to health care.

“We know that our health sector faces a lot of challenges including inadequate resources and shortage of manpower so we are grateful to the organizers of the debate as they have afforded us aspirants a chance to field questions on our plans and how we will improve access to health care in our constituencies when elected,” he said.

Mwanyongo added that when voted into power the MCP as outlined in its manifesto will increase the budget to the Ministry of Health thereby easing challenges encountered in the sector.

Concurring with Mwanyongo, aspirant MP for Alliance for Democracy (Aford) at Karonga Central Constituency Frank Mwenefumbo said it is pathetic that despite Malawi being 54 years old it is failing to provide quality health care delivery for its citizenry.

“We claim to be independent but it does not reflect that in our people as we are failing to provide basic access to health care such as providing three meals a day to patients in hospitals hence we have a lot to do,” Mwenefumbo explained.

In her remarks, CHRR project coordinator Modesta Ramunde hailed the shadow lawmakers for attending the debate saying they have achieved their intended purpose.

She said the debate was vital as it has accorded the perspective voters an opportunity to take the aspirants to task on what they will do to improve access to health care when voted into power on the 21st of May.