Govt tells Chakwera to shut up about K1 trillion allegations


… says he is benefiting from proceeds of suspected crime

The President Peter Mutharika administration has told Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera to provide proof for his claim that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has stolen K1 trillion in the past five years.

Government spokesperson Henry Mussa made the call in a statement in which he also accused Chakwera of being a beneficiary of proceeds of crime.

Mussa: He should prove

During his campaign rallies, Chakwera has been claiming that the DPP government has stolen about K1 trillion in public funds.

“One trillion kwacha has gone in their five year rule starting from 2014 till today and this has made our country suffer. Now that the power is in your hand, will you watch these thieves continue leading you?” he said at a rally in Mzuzu last month.

The government has however dismissed the allegations and has called on the MCP leader to share his information with state agencies.

“We can assure him that the information will be acted upon because Government has so far demonstrated that where evidence is available noone is given a sanctuary within its bounds.

“Examples abound of either public or governing party officials who have been brought before the law,” Mussa said in a statement.

He added that Chakwera is campaigning using public funds suspected to have been stolen by former President Joyce Banda and MCP running mate Sidik Mia when the two were in government.

He said Chakwera should demand answers from Banda on the whereabouts of the proceeds from the sale of the presidential jet and ask Mia to explain why resources meant for construction of roads in Malawi, at the time he was Minister of Transport and Public Works, were found in offshore accounts of some countries in Southern America.

“Government would like to conclude investigations into these matters and, persuaded by his zeal to name and shame, feels Dr Chakwera may be of help since those who are the subject of the probe are in his fold,” Mussa said.



  1. Bwanji osawamanga anthu amenewa azikakamba boh kukhothi asatiwonengere mbili ya chipani Cathy chokondedwa.

  2. Wat shut up it’s not one trillion but 100 trillion plus many people have died and gone mad arrest the Dpp gurus chakwera

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