Kinnah accused of scamming women

Kinnah Phiri

Former Flames player and coach Kinnah Phir has been accused of living in houses and lodges and renting women’s cars without paying the owners.

According to a clip that is circulating on social media, Kinnah owed some businesswomen money and they confiscated a car he was using.

Kinnah Phiri
Phiri: Women are on his neck

Another group of people one of whom owns the car confronted Kinnah demanding their money and car.

According to the recorded discussions, the car was taken seven days previously and Phiri had reported the incident as a case of car theft.

However, the police were yet to trace the car and the owners were now on Phiri’s neck.

They demanded their car and money and threatened to confiscate all valuable items he was remaining with.

“What we want is our money and car. If you don’t have our money we will take away everything in your possession,” said one woman in the clip.

Facebook user Nancy Tadala Musasa also recently claimed that the former Flames coach has been stealing from businesswomen.

“These women struggle to make a living. It is totally immoral for you to swindle a woman or take advantage of her in such a manner that frustrates her business. It is even worse that your wife can join you in such evil schemes. You must, from now on, live an honest life to receive a reward of respect from society. Otherwise with what you have done, you need to demonstrate to us why we shouldn’t call you a stupid thief,” Musasa said in a post addressed to Phiri.