Chilima storms Karonga: Assures voters of one million jobs


UTM Party presidential candidate Saulos Klaus Chilima on Wednesday managed to sell himself and the party’s manifesto to voters as he conducted five whistle stop tours starting from Karonga North constituency to Karonga South passing through Karonga Central and Nyungwe.

Speaking at Bhaka primary school ground in Karonga northwest constituency where he stopped after his first stop at Ighembe in Karonga north constituency, Chilima urged the electorates to vote for UTM party with him as President if people in the district want to register transformative change through employment, infrastructure development and various businesses.

Chilima (R) graced with Chihana (L)-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

Chilima said Karonga is one of the blessed districts in Malawi that can help reduce high employment rate the country is experiencing right now due to lack of visionary leaders, saying Karonga has potential of producing, processing and exporting sausages, beef and other products from cattle that are reared in the lakeshore district.

“When I say that when I am elected President on May 21 my government will create 1-million jobs some people think it is a joke. They do not know that districts like Karonga have full potential to create jobs through cattle farming, rice farming and fishing.

What is needed is just to empower our farmers with the technical know-how and capacity so that we provide them with machines to process, produce and package finished goods to add value to their products in so doing they will be able to employ people from within the community thereby narrowing the high levels of unemployment rate, Chilima said.

The UTM party torchbearer told the gathering that this years tripartite elections are about choosing between death and life, saying the onus is in the peoples hands whether to go back to Egypt and suffer in the hands of Pharaoh or be in the wilderness and die or cross Jordan and go to the promised land to enjoy milk and honey under his leadership.

Chilima said his government will abolish the quota system so as to give chance to every deserving student an opportunity of pursuing higher education.

The UTM leader thrilled the voters when he switched languages from Chichewa to Swahili dialect to ask them to vote for Felix Katwafu Kayira as the constituencys MP for development, emphasizing that the K45-billion revolving fund is already there waiting for an okay through the ballot.

Speaking at the same event, the partys director responsible for strategic planning Norman Nyirenda urged the electorates to say enough is enough on May 21 by voting out what he said is the thieving government.

Nyirenda said Saulos Chilima is a God given leader who has come to fix the socio economic problems the country is going through.


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