Government trashes Nkhoma Synod letter


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Government has rejected the CCAP Nkhoma Synod’s suggestion that Malawians should vote for a God-fearing person.

Last week Nkhoma Synod released a letter which among other major things addressed include corruption, abductions and killings of people with albinism, death of Mr Issa Njauju, vote of no confidence, allegations of 2014 election rigging and choice of candidate.

It also mentioned qualities of a good leader which included a person with good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom (God-fearing).

In response to the Synod letter, government through a press release signed by its spokesperson Henry Mussa says the church is free in guiding its flock but the guidance should be embracing not alienating.

“Malawi is a multi-faith society. A member of any faith grouping is free to participate in an election and seek office.

“The church, therefore, should not suggest in its pastoral pronouncements that some people, because of their faith, are more equal and entitled than others.

“In a competition, like the forthcoming tripartite election, the church must always be a safeguard of a fair and level playing field where each candidate has equal opportunity to run,” Mussa said.

On corruption, government has asked the Synod to recall that it was once involved in fraud and criticizing corruption may carry little weight as the church is also not clean.

“The Synod will recall that in 2014 the United States Agency for International Development (Usaid) demanded that the church should refund money amounting to K61,886389.11 siphoned through fraud project Usaid financed and which the Synod was implementing.

“Actually, the Nkhoma Synod general Secretary by then Reverend Vasco Kachipapa was quoted in the Weekend Nation edition of June 15, 2014 as saying “the church is in shame,” said the statement.

On the continued abductions and killings of people with albinism, government says it is appalled looking at the Synod dismissing all measures the DPP administration has put in place in the trial to arrest the malpractice.

Therefore, government has called upon the Synod to table ideas how Malawi can end the attack.

On the death of ex- ACB director Issa Njauju, the statement tells the Synod to zip up its mouth as investigations to establish those behind Njauju’s murder are underway.

Vote of no confidence is another point incorporated in the Synod letter. But reacting to the point, government has expressed dismay saying that it’s unfortunate that the Synod has cast vote of no confidence against President Peter Mutharika because members of his cabinet are also contesting in the presidential elections.

On the issue of 2014 election rigging rumor, government has requested the Synod to bring the proof forward unlike just speculating.

“Government wishes to encourage the Synod to always form its positions of the basis of Truth and fact. The church must at all times be an advocate of the truth, not a peddler of allegations and we here ask the church to bring the proof,” says the statement.

Meanwhile government has advised the Synod to distance itself from posing misinformed opinions but to work towards building Malawi.