Nkhoma Synod pastoral letter tears DPP apart


…electorates told not to vote for Mutharika…

Ahead of the tripartite election next month, Nkhoma Synod a branch of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), has urged Malawians not to vote for President Peter Mutharika claiming the country needs a God-fearing and incorruptible leader.

This is according to the Synod’s pastoral letter which has been released on Sunday April 28, signed by it’s moderator Rev BCK Nkhoma and the senior clerk, Rev ADK Saka.

Mutharika: Synod wants him out

The church says it is dismayed that the governance situation in Malawi has continued to deteriorate claiming that tribalism, nepotism and regionalism are still rampant under the leadership of president Mutharika.

The pastoral letter states that Malawi needs a leader with good reputation and who has no records of corruption as is the case of Mutharika together with his party who were involved in several corruption cases.

“The food Ration Gate – The K145 million scandal shamefully involving the Head of State, Pioneer Investment, and the Police which was revealed through a leaked ACB report is still outstanding,” reads part of the pastoral letter.

The church therefore asked its members to vote into power a leader with good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom (God-fearing).

“A leader who has no records of corruption, and do not have the spirit of nepotism, tribalism, and regionalism.”

The Synod further added that the country needs a loving president who will not defend thieves and terrorists and not promote corrupt acts such as tractor gate, ESCOM gate, Fuel gate, Uniform gate, Food ration gate, Drug gate, road construction gate.

Furthermore, the Clergy said it is concerned that the DPP leadership does not condemn or discipline its cadets who according to them have consistently terrorised the country with the police watching.

“The cadets have consistently terrorised Malawians across the country with current event where they even used guns and pangas yet the police could not even bring them to book,” another part of the pastoral letter.

Meanwhile, the synod has defended itself by saying the pastoral letter is neutral and has not in any way endorsed any presidential candidate.

The synod has also denied assertions that it has not urged electorates not to vote for DPP.



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