DPP in bed with the Russians they accused of planning to rig the elections


The DPP led government whose head Peter Mutharika was accusing foreign agencies of plotting to rig the May 21 elections is now in bed with one of the countries they accused of plotting to rig the elections.

In a whistle stop tour in the Central region, President Mutharika had claimed that he had information that an opposition party was planning to rig the May polls. Mutharika went ahead to name Russians and Nigerians as nationalities of the people that were planning to aid the opposition party in rigging elections.

Mutharika implicated Russians

He further challenged that they were not going to succeed and he was going to deal with anyone who was planning to rig the election.

In an interesting turn of events, however, the DPP led government has been seen celebrating a $1 million dollar donation made by the Russian government to the government of Malawi in the face of the Cyclone Idai devastation.

The donation has not just been published by the Malawi government Facebook page but it has also been published on a DPP Facebook page which is not the standard operating procedure.

Minister of Defence Nicolas Dausi who reiterated that they have information on the rigging plans was ironically the one who received the donation on the behalf of the Malawi government.

The opposition UTM and the ruling DPP have been in a tit-for-tat fight on rigging accusations.

There is also a widely held belief that Vice President Saulos Chilima helped the DPP rig the 2014 polls. The DPP and President Mutharika have however dismissed the belief as a lie.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has assured Malawians that the 2019 poll will not be rigged.