Suffering from alcohol addiction? TB Joshua holy water casts out alcohol demon in a man


Are you struggling with alcohol addiction, beer hunting and club hoping every Friday or any day of the week?

A man who was addicted to alcohol for 18 years had his life turn around, thanks to the Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua.

Healed! Isaac Ezionwu with his family

A testimony shared on Emmanuel tv website, the man Isaac Ezionwu who lives in Malaysia, saw his life getting destroyed because of his love of alcohol.

According to Ezionwu, he started making money at a young age through business but he suffered and struggled with his alcohol addiction such that his money making skills were all going to a waste.

“I had nothing to show for the money that I was making,” wrote Ezionwu in an emotional post.

Ezionwu who claims that he used to carry alcohol with him and was a clubbing fan, claims that his lifestyle put a strain on his marriage although his wife and son were patient with him.

“In 1998, I was introduced to Emmanuel tv,” wrote Ezionwu but that was not an immediate turnaround in his addiction life.

It was testimonies that he watched on the Emmanuel tv Youtube Channel that however brought a positive turn in his life.

According to him, they made him ‘understand (that) there was a demon behind his addiction’.

In 2016, Ezionwu got Morning Water from T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and he ministered it to himself.

According to him, that was the end of his addiction problems.

“Since that day until now, I have not drunk any alcohol! The beautiful thing is that I don’t even have the urge or the thought to take it. In fact, I see alcohol as poison now,” he wrote before adding:

“I feel so ashamed when I look back at my past life. I am just feeling so sad for people who still drink alcohol. I pray that the same God who delivered me from that spirit will also deliver them, in Jesus’ name! I believe with God, all things are possible! God bless you all. Emmanuel!”


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  1. Don’t witnesses something doesn’t exist.

    This publication is false.

    This Pastor is misleading innocent souls.

    There is no such healing happening there,

    When will people understand the bible for themselves?

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