Deplorable: China donates two motobikes, Henry Mussa receives donation on behalf of Mutharika


Minister of Information and Communications Technology Henry Mussa has shocked Malawians after he officially recieved two motorbikes which China has donated to Malawi.

After receiving the bikes from Chinese ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang on Thursday, Mussa thanked the Chinese Government for the timely donation that he said would ease challenges faced by the ministry.

Mussa (R) rides one of the motorbikes

However, Malawians are not amused. On Malawi Government Facebook, commenters said it is embarrassing for a minister to receive a donation of two motorbikes.

“This is seriously ridiculous! An entire Ceremony of handing over two Motorcycles from the People’s Government of China to the Republic of Malawi.

“Are we really serious? How pathetic are we as a country, may be, some of us are seriously clueless and undermines the levels on how poor minded our Malawian Officials are

“What an incredible embarrassment, wasting Government resources over such silliness instead of prioritizing our public resources to relevant issues and agendas. These guys even made a banner?” said Lucy Chikumbutso Chitembeya.

Joni Amudala Kabiya said: “A function fit to be presided over by a Community Development Assistant (CDA).

“If that donation went to a school (CDSS) am sure the head-teacher could have delegated a head-boy to preside over the function. Koma the whole minister? Let alone say that the bicycles will solve the problems the minitry is facing. God have mercy on our nation.”

While Hossana Nkhata said: “Is this a joke or what?even allowances given to the minister and the budget for this function only is more than the value of the donation.”

Other commenters joked that President Peter Mutharika would have received the donation if he were not occupied with other government engangements.

Last month, government was also criticised for receiving a donation of 10 computers from China.