No one will rig elections – MEC assures Malawians

Malawi Electoral Comission

The Malawi Electoral Commission(MEC) has assured Malawians that its results management process for the May 21 Tripartite elections is not prone to rigging as alleged by some presidential candidates.

Speaking at Nthunduwala Primary school in Kasungu, MEC Commmisioner Dr Jean Mathanga expressed resentment over claims by the presidential candidates which she said can lead to voter aparthy.

Malawi Electoral Comission
Mathanga: No one will rig

Commissioner Mathanga described the claims as baseless saying MEC’s results management for the polls cannot be tampered with.

“If any of the aspirants for May 21 elections or any political party think that they will find loopholes to rig the polls then they are wasting their time.

“Unlike in previous elections, we have instituted security measures to ensure that no-one can rig the polls,” said Mathanga.

She added that the commission’s move to display results per center before sending them to constituency tally centers will help people to follow the results properly.

“Our donors have helped us by employing external auditors that will be placed at each and every constituency tally center throughout the country to verify the results,” said Commissioner Mathanga.

According to Commissioner Mathanga, MEC has currently intensified Civic Voter Education across the country to urge more eligible voters to vote during the May 21 watershed elections.

Story by Erah Pinifolo