Chimulirenji kills Peter Mutharika


Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential running mate Everton Chimulirenji is the subject of ridicule following his recent remarks.

Chimulirenji is on record to have said President Peter Mutharika died in 2012, instead of Peter’s brother the late Bingu Wa Mutharika. He uttered this when he was addressing a campaign rally.

In a video clip which has gone viral on social media, the DPP running mateis seen giving a wrong history about his party. It is not clear if it was slip of the tongue or he is ignorant about his party’s history.

“DPP started ruling this country in 2009. In 2012, the worst happened as we lost Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, may his soul rest in peace,” said Chimulirenji

In the course of uttering his unedited speech, one DPP official corrected him by saying that their party started ruling Malawi in 2004. People continue to laugh over the issue.

Others have gone as far as saying that Peter Mutharika’s running mate is not fit to be this country’s deputy leader.

They believe that he has proved to Malawians beyond reasonable doubt that he is a mediocre. On the contrary, some party zealots consider him a match for the role.



  1. Akufuna alandi boma ameneyu. A pitala aganize mwachangu tisanaponye vote.

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