Malawi intensifies screening of Russians, Nigerians ahead of polls


The Malawi Immigration Department has intensified screening of Russians, Nigerians and Indians looking to come to Malawi ahead of the May elections.

This has been revealed in a leaked letter which Director General at the Department Kaonga has addressed to heads of sections, Regional Immigration Officers, airports and borders.

VISA applications by Russians, Nigerians to be screened by headquarters

“Take note that all VISA issuance to risky countries (category 1) including Nigerians, Indians and Russians must be referred to headquarters for vetting with NIS,” the letters says.

Kaonga has also advised officers under the department to immediately suspend routine holidays and prepare for the forthcoming elections.

Activities will include mounting roadblocks day and night a as well as conducting sweeping operations, permit inspections, border patrols and deportation and repatriation exercises.

The director general has also directed the officers to ensure that all refugees are in camps and to submit daily operation reports to headquarter.

The development has come a day after President Peter Mutharika claimed that one party wants to rig the May elections using experts from Nigeria, Russia and Greece.

Mutharika said he has evidence that the experts are already in the country ahead of the May 21 polls.

“I have heard that someone wants to rig the polls and has brought some experts from Russia, Nigeria and Greece, they want to offset communication. We know where they have placed their machines. But I want to warn you, I know what you are doing and I will go after you,” said Mutharika.