Gwamba takes “I hope Jesus loves trap” to SABC 2


If you thought Malawi’s gospel urban did not have an international impact, you were wrong! Read about Gwamba.

Gwamba will be on SABC

Having announced his switch to gospel at the onset of 2016, most people thought his career was getting to its deathbed but the opposite is true. Malawi’s award winning hip hop gospel artist Gwamba is here with another diary moment.

Born Duncan Zgambo, he will be live on South Africa’s major platform SABC 2 on April 28th. The Malawian boy will show the world Malawian magic with an interview and a live performance.

Gwamba will mainly talk about his forthcoming album branded “I think Jesus loves trap” and then treat the world to some Malawian music flavours.

The ex-secular artist has proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry with his hit songs. He has showed the world that he is a man who can shine in any artistic field. Others have likened him to the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who has been a talisman for every team he plays for, in different countries.

One of Gwamba’s great gospel songs is Better. Even the former president of Malawi, Joyce Banda lauded it for addressing real life issues.

His forthcoming album drops on 27th July. In the following week, he will perform in the neighbouring Tanzania.