Gwaladi arrested following complaint by Reserve Bank


Malawi Police in Phalombe district have arrested the 29 year old ‘zangondipatsa minyama’ hit maker, Joe Gwaladi, Malawi24 can confirm.

Gwaladi: arrested

The street performer has been arrested on the charge of wilfully defacing, soiling or damaging Malawian currency which is contrary to section 54 (2) sub-section C of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Act.

His images carrying bank notes in a dirty bag and placing it on the ground went viral recently.

Police spokesperson in the district, Innocent Moses, has confirmed the development to Malawi24 saying the matter was reported to the police by Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) after Gwaladi was seen damaging the currency at a certain drinking joint.

“Investigator of Reserve Bank of Malawi in Blantyre reported the case against the suspect who was seen on social media, splashing, soiling and damaging Malawian currency in K2000 denomination at a drinking spree on Wednesday of 17th April this year.

“Upon following up the matter jointly with officers from Reserve Bank, Limbe and Phalombe Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested the suspect who has been cautioned and formally charged with the offence,” he said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Gwaladi has been granted Police bail and is expected to appear in court very soon.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi recently told Malawi24 it will be arresting people who do not handle bank notes with care.

Gwaladi hails from Magareta village in the area of traditional authority Nkanda in the tea growing district of Mulanje.



  1. Manyi anu a reserve bank george chaponda munamulephela mukupezelela mbuli ngati gwaladi. Zitsiru inu akanakhala kuti akung’amba bolani. Mmene mukumuonela gwaladiyu angakawelengele ndalama ku hotel? Mbuzi za anthu nonse a reserve bank!

  2. Come on guys, yes he broke a sub section what what but bear with the guy, some of us we have never had or be in possession of such a huge amount of money so why can’t one enjoy or celebrate his money. Just caution or advise him the right way of handling bank notes or cash.