An ode to Lucius Banda

Soldier Lucius Banda

Malawian legendary musical figure Soldier Lucius Banda deserves all the accolades in the world for his unwavering contributions owards his country’s music industry.

Last year, he was honoured with a lifetime achiever recognition in the Urban Music People Awards. Malawians were satisfied that he t the award despite the country having more deserving musicians for the crown in question.

Volumes of books can accommodate his many contributions in the local music industry, ranging from promoting talent to addressing serious issues. Banda is one of the few if not the only local artist who have survived the test of time since he marked the onset of his music career in the early 90s.

Call him the talent sharpener as he is behind the music successes of a number of local musicians. Talk of Billy Kaunda, Mlaka Maliro, Emma Masauko, Wendy Harawa, and Cos Chiwalo. Contrary to the belief that students surpass their teachers, none of the aforementioned musicians is as successful as their mentor musically.

Soldier Lucius Banda
Lucius: a veteran musician i Malawi

In his 19 albums, Soldier addresses a wide range of real life issues. Some of these are gospel, love, and good governance. Notwithstanding some quarters differing with him on political grounds, many enjoy his music. Lucius was born a musician, no doubt about that!

Banda has managed to market Malawi to other countries. He is one of a few local artists known in countries like Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. When he joined politics in 2004, most people thought he was going to lose the bite in art but it never happened.

He is also the man behind Sand Music Festival, an annual summer event which takes place at the Lake. The veteran musician has managed to bring home a number of international stars through the festival. Some of them are Jamaican Busy Signal, DR Congo’s Awilo Longomba, and Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz. All this in the name of providing the much needed entertainment to his fellow Malawians.

Others argue he is Malawi’s Michael Jackson since he motivates many musicians especially youthful ones. Most artists admire him for his consistence on the music scene which is dependent on hard work and his ability to adapt to changes in music. Lucius combine nicely with masters of different genres.

Here is a musician who is loved by people of different ages, rural and urban dwellers. This separates the Balaka man from boys. He is also one of a few musicians whose shows are attended out of patrons’ love for their music and not for passing time.

Some of Lucius Banda’s associated acts are Zambian K Millian, Tay Grin, Lulu, Wendy Harawa, Sonye, and DJ Sley.



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