Mzuni ordered to change name

Mzuni FC

Mzuzu University Council has told Super League side Mzuni to change its name before the end of next week.

The university stopped sponsoring the club earlier this year and has told the team’s new management to change the name of the Super League outfit to cut any remaining links with the university.

However, Mzuni FC chairperson Albert Mtungambela Harawa said they will not change the name until the university gives the players money it owes them.

Harawa: Defied the order

“Mzuzu University management owe us money for players and today they are telling us this, no way. They should give us our money first,” lamented Harawa.

He also suggested that a change of name was already on the cards hence the club’s management will not be forced by the university to speed up the process.

The university stopped sponsoring Mzuni FC saying it wants to use sports as an extracurricular activity thus will have a team comprising students only.