I lost local council polls but will win presidency – says Reverend Kaliya


With a month to go before Malawians vote in the tripartite elections, one of the presidential candidates Reverend Hardwick Kaliya has said he will win the polls.

Kaliya who is the sole independent candidate is confident of victory, arguing Malawians are fed up with maladministration and as such they will opt for none other than himself.

Kaliya (C): confident of winning

He said this in an interview with Joab Frank Chakhaza, inside Zodiak Television’s Cruise 5 Program. He believes Malawians are tired of political parties because they have failed this country.

He added that he has proved his seriousness about his presidential bid to Malawians. His claim is premised on the hard process candidates went through to be eligible to contest. One of the stages he cited was getting 10 signatures in each of the country’s 28 districts.

The presidential contender has been on the losing side in the past 3 elections, first as a candidate for local council elections then twice as a parliamentary aspirant. He believes history will not repeat itself.

He is in the race to State House with 6 other candidates. If he will win, he be the first independent candidate to ascend to Malawi’s top seat.