Man calls Prophet Citronnelli fake, what happens next is extraordinary


A man who said Prophet Ed Citronnelli was fake and that the miracles being performed by him and other prophets such as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet T.B. Joshua are a melodramatic performance received the shocking news of his life.

“There is a lot of variables, a lot of coincidences, and a melodramatic acting” says the man when asked why he described Prophet Citronnelli as a fake pastor.

The prophet defends the man when members of the congregation reacts with a frown of disapproval to his claims.

“It’s okay, he has his right to express himself”, says Prophet Citronnelli.

While maintaining his position, the man says just seeing televangelists performing miracles is inadequate to swerve his perception of prophets that are swamping the world as real. He says he will remain a doubting Thomas unless he experiences the miracle performed by a prophets.

“I am like a doubting Thomas, unless I see it, I do not believe it. I only see few preachers and ‘prophets’ on television”, he disapprovingly says, implying that Prophet Citronnelli is as fake as all prophets come.

In response, Citronnelli proceed to prophesy of the road accident that he had survived before talking about the lady he is dating.

Prophet Citronnelli says the man was about to be entrapped by ‘girlfriend’ into marrying him.

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