Chilima labels Neno road a local street


Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima who is also UTM presidential candidate said on Wednesday that the status of Neno road is not worth to be called a road but a mere njira (a local street) and he has made a pledge to construct a durable road using taxpayers’ money if voted into power on May 21 tripartite elections.

He was speaking to thousands that gathered at Chikonde primary school ground in Neno on Wednesday.

Chilima speaking during the rally

“When we take this government in May, we are going to construct a durable and magnificent road here in Neno not this njira (street) and the money for that road will come from you Malawians because people that live here in Neno are also Malawians and they pay tax to government just the same as those who live in town where good roads are being constructed,” said Chilima.

He therefore urged people in the district to vote for UTM on May 21 if they want to see a transformed Neno.

The Neno road during rainy season

Chilima also repeated that he is the last Malawi vice president to be mistreated saying the Vice president in UTM led government will have specific duties in his office to avoid bad working relationship that has been there between president and his vice.

Speaking earlier at the same rally, UTM secretary General Patricia Kaliati said DPP government has failed to develop Neno district where people are still crying for a good tarmac road.

“It is very sad that this government is able to construct tarmac road going to mere individual properties, yet you my friends here in Neno you are failing to transport your farm produce like Irish potatoes to markets in town due to poor roads,” said Kaliati.

She further said it was quite disheartening to learn that in 21st century   there was no mobile network coverage for people that surround   Ligowe trading center where people climb trees and hills to access mobile networks.

Also speaking at the rally, Group Village Head Donda of the area said Neno district is still lagging behind in development citing lack of district Council offices, district secondary school and community colleges as examples that the district is far away from being developed.

Chilima is the first presidential candidate to hold a political rally in Neno since MEC launched 2019 tripartite elections campaign period.