DPP assures cadets that APM will remain in power

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has assured its youth that the party and its president Peter Mutharika will remain in power as they are confident of winning the May elections.

National Youth director in the governing DPP Dyton Mussa said this on Sunday during a parade that the DPP Blue League conducted in the city of Mzuzu where he was the guest of honour.

DPP youths parading

“I am here to tell you and to encourage you that the fear you have is nothing, DPP is not going anywhere and believe me come May DPP will continue ruling this country.

“On 21 May we are not going to vote to change the president, the elections we are having will change the vice president not president,” said Mussa.

He added that the DPP’s main contenders in the elections cannot manage to win as they are not strong enough.

“We won elections in 2014 when we were outside government now we are there no one can move us,” said Mussa.

The DPP youth paraded from DPP regional office, passing the dual road and proceeding to Mchengautuwa before returning to Msongwe.