Chilima urges voters to send Mutharika packing

The country’s vice president who is also the president of UTM, Saulosi Chilima, has called upon people in the country to utilize the upcoming tripartite elections to boot out the Peter Mutharika administration.

Speaking during a campaign rally held at Masubi Primary School in Mulanje district, Chilima again cracked down buzz that a particular party has already made it claiming that only votes will determine the winner.

Chilima: boot them out

Chilima who speaks with maximum confidence pleaded with people to frown at leaders who do not care about Malawians.

He noted that it is now 55 years of self-rule in Malawi but it is pathetic to see people still struggling to get food a development Chilima shifted a blame to leaders saying they lack vision.

“Malawians have to stop praising these thieves. The voters have to show the thieves that they tired of their recklessness and a day to speak and be heard is around the corner therefore use it to bring in visionary leaders and boot out greedy leaders. Remember that Malawi is yours and ensure that you always claim it,” said Chilima.

Chilima further tipped people that Malawi can be transformed and to do so it requires idealistic leaders only and not those who limit themselves in their operations.

Among other things UTM intends to do for Mulanje residents when it emerges as a winner on 21st May is to bring back Mulanje Canning Factory saying it will tremendously contribute to development in Mulanje district.

Chilima added that poor teachers’ houses at Masubi Primary School should anger people living in Mulanje since taxpayers are the ones who give money government.

Kaliati speaking at the rally

Addressing people who showed up at the rally Secretary General for UTM, Patricia Kaliati told the gathering that current administration is led by a leader from their belt but not all people in the belt are benefitting.

Kaliati also told people that government’s claim’s that it has found a market in India for pigeon peas is only a way out of their failure because India is well known for growing peas  and farmers should not expect palatable prices from there.

Kaliati then pleaded with people to vote for Chilima and UTM leaders come 21st May this year.

“Our feet are in water but we don’t even have clean water to drink. Look at the poor roads, poor teachers’ houses here do not reflect that the Malawi leader originates from this side. The current administration should not deceive you that it will find pigeon peas market for you, it has already failed. India is known for growing a lot of peas and there is no need of importing some more, what they only want is to snatch your vote,” Kaliati said.


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